Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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Anderson just dynoed my car. Figured I'd share! - 04-08-09, 10:32 AM

First off I have had a bad run of luck with tuners and parts and just overall bad experiences. Anderson Ford completely changed all of that. I drove 8 hours to get there and it was worth every min and penny I spent. They installed a PMS on my car and it runs like an new car. AWESOME!!!!!

Anyway Danny Biggs tuned the car, guy is amazing, and very nice!!

Car dynoed 495.6 rwhp and 511.7 ft lbs of torque. Danny says the car has much more in it but im outta fuel at 5,200. We set the rev limiter to 5,500 to avoid destruction. He is projecting appx. 550 rwhp with adequate fuel. I have 42 lbers, a T Rex , and a 255lph but i guess not enough, lol never ends!!! Just figured Id share this info, Im excited!

331 DSS Pro Bullet 9:25:1, DSS Main Girdle, Anderson B-21 CamTuned by Anderson Ford using PMSCobra Intake unportedVortech v2 S Trim 2.95" PulleyAnderson Power PipeEdlebrock Performer Heads Tremec T5 3.73s495.6 rwhp 511.7 rwtq with no fuel above 5,200 RPM
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